Welcome to the island

Stay, eat and rest in a renovated, old school at a small island in northern Norway, just a short ferry ride from Sandnessjøen city. We offer delicious pizza and coffee, books and nature, a welcoming, small neighborhood. Skolo is family owned and run by creative entrepreneurs Ingrid & Remi, living at the island.

Sleep well

Our apartments and double rooms are comfortable, newly renovated, and feature several original details that will charm anyone who appreciates preserving the best of the old, with ceiling beams and floors that have served their purpose for 70 years.

An architectural gem

The renovation is described in several publications, among them The Norwegian Review of Architecture. Trondheim based Agraff architects has been an inspiring partner in the process. And yes, we chose the original yellow for the exterior paint, we want this place to touch you with warming rays.

24 June to 4 August open 11AM to 8PM every day, with pizza served from 12AM. Week 32 and 33 open Tuesday-Sunday 11AM to 3PM, no pizza, but bakery, coffee and sandwiches etc.

Please book your pizza table here (spontaneous pizza dates are also available for booking). You can reach us by phone at + 47 463 33 200 during opening hours, including requests for takeaway orders.

During the low season, the restaurant and shop have two fixed opening days per week: Saturdays (11 am-3 pm) and Pizza Wednesdays (12 pm-8 pm). Wednesday is our big pizza day, but the coffee bar and shop are also open. Saturdays are café days with sandwiches for lunch and plenty of delicious treats in the display, no table booking required. Sometimes we also have spontaneous pizza during the weekends. For groups of all kinds, we customize catering offers and experiences throughout the year. During the high season, different opening hours apply.


You can sleep and gather in our lovely rooms all year round. Individuals can check rooms and prices under the BOOK tab. We offer great package deals during the low season. Also, take a look at our photo gallery of the rooms here. We invite vacationers, management teams, colleagues, and creators of all kinds to rest, stay, and create by the seaside all year round. We have beds for groups of approximately 30 people and offer package prices and tailor-made programs for those interested, including extra delicious food. The house has soul and comfort, the island is cozy and beautiful, generous and full of wonderful experiences awaiting.


As our guest, you contribute to our sustainable vision and local value creation; you leave behind valuble traces. This is the island that drew us away from Oslo after 17 years. This is were we live, this is home. Follow the journey on Instagram @skolo.no. The school opened for the first time in 1954 and again, completely renovated, in 2020.

Pizzeria and coffee bar

At our place, you can enjoy delicious pizza made with local ingredients, such as award-winning cheese from Fiplingdal and salmon from Vega. We also have a coffee bar serving the best coffee for miles around.

Excellent coffee

Our coffee is made with beans from one of Norway's best roasteries: Jacu. Anne Birte and Oliver ensure fair conditions for the coffee farmers and an exceptional coffee experience here on the island.

Selected books and design

In our shop, you'll find some really nice things. Selected books from around the world, Norwegian design, and art. We've also produced our own items exclusively sold here. Brands include Marimekko, Notem Studio, Fitjar Island, and Nedre Foss..

Ei øy går ut frå den store dimma
og kjem imot oss
veldig i sine rørsler
men likevel roleg
roleg og stolt
som berre ei øy
så gammal som henne
vel kan vera
ho ser på oss
ho tenkjer før ho stoggar
og vert ståande
heilt stille
så stille står ho
som vel berre ei øy
kan stå stille
// Jon Fosse

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